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  Idma Foundation for Sustainable Development undertakes a pro-active approach and constructive criticism to work with State, individuals and institutions on its programme areas :  

In 2006 Idma Foundation undertook a sample study, “In City without my Car”. It covered 150 respondents from Chandigarh Housing Board, Punjab University and Sector-17, Chandigarh to bring out the problems in public transport system in Chandigarh from people’s perspective. See detailed report…….. Download for free (English)

After the study, findings were shared with the media and circulated among various concerned authorities in Chandigarh.

One of the key suggestions in our study was, “It is very important that Chandigarh Administration puts before the public environmental economics of the Metro Rail project. It is not mere Public Participation that should rule the selection of routes but how many buses will be off the route and more important how many people will shift from private mode to public transport i.e. Mono-rail. [35% of the respondents were of the opinion that a planning to cover sub-urban routes at different stages shall be the best option. 27% were excited to see a mono-rail run in the city, they have no particular choice on the route but was of the opinion it should be selected in public consultation and such a way that pollution loads and traffic gets reduced. 14% were of the opinion that a Tri-City Connection is more than enough. 11% were of the opinion that it should run within the city and some of them wanted it to pass by the side of their house and office. 13 % gave no views.] ”

It is over a year now. During this period the future mode of public transportation in Chandigarh has been a subject of discussion at various forums. It is now agreed in principal that the Metro Rail Project should extend beyond the boundaries of Chandigarh.

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